Sevier Science

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1.  Follow this link to answer the questions on your worksheet:  Greenhouse Gases

2.  Follow this link to answer the questions on your worksheet: Carbon Dioxide


3.  Follow this link to answer the questions on your worksheet:  Greenhouse Effect


4.  Follow this link to answer the questions for FLIGHT on your worksheet: FLIGHT


Newton's Laws Web Quest for week 1

Science Web Quest

1.  Follow this link and read the Introduction

2.  Follow this link and read all of the Tasks 1-4

3.  Task 1:  Follow this link to view videos and answer questions on your first worksheet

      Answer the questions on the quiz at the end of this task and then check your answers.

4.  Task 2 Exp. 1: This one doesn't work anymore.  SKIP to Exp. 2  

5.  Task 2 Exp. 2:  Bumper Cars--Read and follow the directions on your answer sheet.

     Collision 1

     Collision 2

     Collision 3

6.Task 3:  Scroll down to read and follow directions for Task 3.  (Balloons and other supplies will be on hand when you need them.  Be sure to read the Rules and Hints)

7. Task 4:  

Task Four (50 points)

Using technology, create a step by step "how to" manual that describes how to build YOUR race car. 

  • The cover must include a TITLE, the NAMES of each GROUP MEMBER, and a picture of your FINISHED RACER.
  • The second page must include ALL materials needed to build YOUR car.
  • The manual should be written in EASY to follow, STEP BY STEP instructions. Diagrams (in the form of pictures or drawings) should be used to show the different stages of the car as it is being built.
  • The manual must be NEAT and ORGANIZED, free from spelling errors, and easy to read.
  • Each page should be numbered.

We will not do Task 5.  Instead we will prepare to enter into a race with the other science classes on the opposite team.

Digging up Fossils

Click the buttons to the right.  

Follow the instructions on your paper to complete the web quest.