Sevier Science

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Matter Monday

Matter Monday is my way of bringing all science to life.  Students get to explore the world of science without being confined to one content specific area.  Students should enjoy reading and telling of the scientific things they have found.  Please see the rubric below and let me know if there are any questions that follow.

Matter Monday Rubric

Each 9 weeks’ period, you are required to present something scientific you are interested in. You are required to present ONE TIME during the 9 weeks’ period, resulting in a total of FOUR presentations PER YEAR.

  • You will submit your presentation at least one week before your scheduled day to present.
  • If you have and excused absence you will be given the following Monday to make up your day.
  • Presentation DO NOT need to be printed.


The following are examples of acceptable presentation subjects:

  1. An article read explaining a scientific fact
  2. An article read about a new discovery or invention
  3. An short in-class experiment explained
  4. A previously filmed experiment explained

You will be graded as follows:
  • Oral Presentation--20 points
  • Written Presentation--20 points
  • Picture (your own or from Internet)--10 points
  • Summary explanation in your own words--20 points
  • Short video on the subject matter--10 points
  • Name/Source--20 points

Any presentation not ready one week prior to the date you requested will have points deducted 15 points until completed unless someone agrees to trade days with you.